Harry facts and figure

An Overview of Harry

Ten production facilities in Germany, 34 retail outlets in our North, Central, West, North-East and South-East sales areas, 5,020 employees and an impressive track record in corporate development. Proven sales growth since 2012. Forecasted for 2024 as well. Further growth is planned for 2024.


Market share



Sales concept

The Harry Frischdienst service delivers fresh bread throughout Northern, Western and Eastern Germany.

Products are also exported to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and France.

Thomas Blohm, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter bei Harry-Brot

“Our concept for success is timeless: a blend of far-sighted corporate governance, social issues and ecology.”

Thomas Blohm, Executive Partner, Chief HR and Coordination Officer

Jochen Eisenzapf, Geschäftsführer Finanzen und Controlling bei Harry-Brot

“We can only succeed as a team. Our employees’ wholehearted dedication deserves a special mention. WE are Harry.”

Jochen Eisenzapf, CFO

Frank Kleiner, Geschäftsführung Marketing und Vertrieb bei Harry-Brot

“Harry looks to the future and is geared towards organic growth. This enables us to keep developing through our own resources.”

Frank Kleiner, CEO

Norbert Lötz, Geschäftsführung Produktion und Technik bei Harry-Brot

“We have the courage to progress, invest and innovate – and never forget where we come from.”

Norbert Lötz, COO